#2 - Customer Appreciation Post No. 1 ❤️

#2 - Customer Appreciation Post No. 1 ❤️

Hey there! It's Rory Lux. Just thought I'd kick off this new blog with some feedback I received from a customer this morning:

"This is a great Company. I placed an order for 3 items 2 of them clothing for my Granddaughter. I ordered 1 day after the cut off to get by Christmas. I received and e-mail for feedback or if I had a concern. I asked if it was possible to get these items before Christmas. They emailed me back with great news they were on their way and I would have them just in time.
Thank you, Thank you Outstanding Customer Service ! ! !"

- Kris V.

Receiving messages like these in my inbox truly keep me going! Running a business can be challenging - no doubt about it - but receiving words of gratitude like these from your customers (real people!) just fill me with awe and appreciation for my customers. Thank you so much Kris - we'll keep doing our best to make our Rory Lux community awesome!

Much love,

Rory Lux

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