HOT TRACKS: February Feels


HOT TRACKS: February Feels

Fact: 99% of people feel more bummed on Valentine’s day than any other day of the year. Well, maybe that’s not true… but we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than feeling left out when the sickly-sweet scent of postcard love is in the air.

Therefore, it’s about time we reclaimed Valentine’s day from convenience-store chocolates and rehearsed kiss photos on IG. What’s important is that everyone deserves warm feelings no matter if it’s from your boo, fam, ride or die, or even yourself.

This playlist is dedicated to you and to the multiplicities of compassion to be felt for people or pets or even pasta. It’s fun and asks you to invite goodness into your life without worrying too much about details.

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Kim Sweeney
Deep End DJ & Designer