The Who, What, and Why of Our New 2020 Spring/Summer Collection!

The Who, What, and Why of Our New 2020 Spring/Summer Collection!

Hey there!👋


Team Deep End here, checking back in for our spring collection update!


As you’ve seen from our behind-the-scenes peeks on our story, as well as our TikTok (you can find us @deependofficial), this spring is the time for brand new, rad products.


This collection is a bit different from items past. As many of our O.G. followers know, we originally started out with apparel that had clever, funny, and catchy sayings. And we’ve loved every part of doing that, but we’ve decided to put that on the back burner for now.


Our brand has grown beyond just swimmers and into a true community of people who love the water, no matter what background they come from. We’ve seen no other community like this; of people that are brought together by their love for being in the water, through whatever sport or activity they prefer.


It's for the kids swimming in club, it's for the swimmers swimming in high school and college, it's for the coaches that coach them, it's for the parents who cheer them on at every meet, it's for the mature swimmer that doesn't swim on a team anymore but as soon as they get in the water it feels like home again.


It's also for water polo players, surfers, divers, open water swimmers, synchronized swimmers, people who appreciate swimming, and for people who love the water.


You'll see that these items have our logos on them, and are more "branded" than items in the past. We've come to realize people actually wanted stuff with our name on it, which was kinda shocking to us. It's humbling but so cool to know that people would actually wear our name on their backs, and that the name Deep End actually meant something to so many people!


We made all these items using businesses local to us in Huntington Beach. It's important to us that especially during these uncertain times where more and more businesses are closing their doors, that we keep our roots strong and support our community as best as we can.


The whole team has been working so hard on this and we hope that everyone will love it too! ❤️




Alyssa Isogawa, Founder + Eunseo Kwak, our lovely intern (she's the best)!!❤️

Team Deep End

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